Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Tully: Rupert a Welcome Voice in Gubernatorial Chase

The Indy Star's Matthew Tully today wrote an interesting piece on Rupert Boneham. He makes the point that, although Rupert may not have millions in his warchest, he is a legitimate candidate and is the only one talking real issues right now.

Matthew Tully: Rupert Boneham plans to win governor's seat | Indianapolis Star |


  1. I'll not subscribe to Tully's upbeat review of Mr. Tie-Dye, except to say that the issues at hand have been broad-brushed by the other candidates that little in particulars on policy issues are mentioned. The time for electing candidates based on a sense of entitlement is eroding. We want to hear what you will actually do for Hoosiers & how you are going to accomplish them.

  2. Tully likes him. Is that not damning enough?