Monday, February 13, 2012

Indianapolis Resident Running for National Libertarian Party Chair

Mark Rutherford
Indianapolis resident and attorney Mark Rutherford yesterday announced he is going to be seeking the position of National Chair for the Libertarian Party.  Rutherford, a long time Indiana resident, indicated he wishes to use the role to promote Libertarians getting elected to office instead of the party acting as a service organization.

Rutherford currently serves as Vice-Chair of the National Libertarian Party and served as Chairman of Indiana's Libertarian Party for seven years. He is also head of the Indiana Public Defender Commission and the Atlas Liberty PAC.

"I believe in the Libertarian Party," he stated at his announcement, "and I believe we can compete with the Republicans and Democrats."  He further added that he wants to see the people that score as "libertarian" on David Nolan's "World's Smallest Political Quiz" to be running for, and elected to office.

The Libertarian Party Chair will be chosen by delegates at the party's convention May 4th-6th at the Red Rock Resort in Las Vegas. Mark Hinkle currently serves in that position.

A video of the announcement is embedded below.  Rutherford's website is here.


  1. I like Mr. Rutherford and wish him well if he succeeds. Looking at his speech, I have to wonder why the constant need to reach out & remind people that the LP is a political party since it was founded forty years ago in 1971. It almost sounded like he was trying to convince his fellow libertarian gathering of this. Secondly, to pigeonhole people and make converts to the LP by reducing to a litmus test of a quiz is oversimplfying. Libertarians come in all sorts of shades and there's no need to use a divisive purity test.

  2. The Libertarian Party is fortunate to have Mark, he's a gentleman & a mind.

  3. "I believe in the Libertarian Party." What a ridiculous comment, but typical of the swill LP members dish. The LP is known for candidates who can't bring themselves to support and articulate libertarian principles. It isn't even clear that most of them even ARE libertarians. But they have a little pond in which they are big carp. LPers are like Hazel Motes in Flannery O'Conner's "Wise Blood," who invents "the Church of Jesus Christ Without Jesus." The Libertarian Party without libertarianism.

    There is a very good reason that Ron Paul generates enthusiasm and millions in donations while the LP generates yawns.