Friday, February 15, 2013

Mitch McConnell Wants to Legalize Hemp

Criminy. It's about time we had a little bit of common sense talk frim Republicans about hemp.

You see, hemp and pot aren't the same thing. But they are treated by the government like they are. No one wants to go out and get high of industrial hemp.  It's the smoking equivalent of getting drunk on rubbing alcohol.

But nonetheless, hemp has remained illegal.  And with it, one of the most versatile and useful plants in the world.
The strangest part of this conversation may be the ass backwards way in which it is coming about.  Several states have legalized medical marijuana smoking, and two states have legalized it altogether. Hemp, though, the most useful member of the cannabis family, has remained a hush topic in the legislative world.

With this news, though, that does appear to be changing. Not only is government talking legalization, but the FEDERAL government is.  Not only is a Republican talking about it, but Mitch McConnell is.  Progress comes in weird ways.

GOP Senate leader supports bill to legalize hemp production

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Jon Easter Says IMS Giveaway Makes Sense

To listen to Jon Easter, of the Indy Democrat Blog, you would think that anyone that has provided significant tax revenue is due to receive a big check cut to them.  That is a large part of his argument in his recent blog that seems to support giving $100 Million to the Speedway. IMS is an organization that, until asking the state for these funds, has always been proud of having never taken a single government dime.

I find it especially interesting when Democrats, a group known for arguing against giving any money to the rich for anything, somehow think it is ok to give billionaire owners of sports-related organizations millions upon millions of dollars. Especially since the members of the party seem to also be against just that...except when it impacts their own city.

Where exactly, then, do we draw the line between what rich people can get tons of our tax dollars thrown at them? Obviously, it isn't when those rich people own a business that provides hundreds or thousands of jobs, and provide plenty of essential products and services beyond those jobs.

So is the threshold when the rich people provide us sports stuff to yell and scream about? Is the threshhold really set by what we can rally around?

Indy Democrat Blog: Tax Relief for IMS (Done Properly) Makes Sense

What Do You Call an Ex-Pope?

Seriously...what DO you call an ex-pope?

I'm not Catholic. Even if I was, I doubt there is precedent set....since it hasn't happened in more than 600 years.

I've got to assume that, like a president, the title follows you for the remainder of your days.  But does your "Pope name?"

I mean, does he stay Pope Benedict, or does he go back to being a Ratzinger?

These are the kind of things that need discussed.