Friday, October 15, 2010

Sink-Burris Clearly Wins Indiana Senate Debate

It is obvious. Libertarian Rebecca Sink-Burris is the best candidate in Indiana's race for the U.S. Senate.

The first of three debates between the three candidates recently took place. Throughout the course of the debate a few very obvious and very predicatable things happened. The candidates from the two major parties routinely avoided questions when the opportunity to turn to mudslinging presented itself. In the few instances where mudslinging was not a top priority, being a copy-cat seemed to be. (On more than one occasion, one of the two major parties candidate responded to a debate question with an answer that nearly duplicated the response of Libertarian Sink-Burris.)

The simple fact is that, while the other parties were busy avoiding the topics in lieu of a little mudslinging, Rebecca Sink-Burris consistently remained on-topic and answered the questions that were presented. And she did better than simply answering them - she provided the most well thought out explanations of the three candidates.

If you're looking for a reason to believe that the Libertarians are worthy of your consideration, you are very likely to find it here: First of Three Indiana U.S. Senate Debates

The Democrat Rates Sink-Burris Rather High

The first of three debates between the three candidates for U.S. Senate from Indiana was a couple of nights ago. The writers of the Indy Democrat wrote a blog about the debate that was, for the most part, rather predictable.

As you might expect, the blog tore the Republican candidate apart.

As you might expect, the blog gave too much praise to the Democratic candidate.

What you might not expect was the Indy Democrat's response to the Libertarian candidate, Rebecca Sink-Burris. Although the blog declared the Democrat the winner, the actual writing in the blog clearly states otherwise. It is obvious by reading the post in the blog that the writer felt the the Libertarian Sink-Burris outperformed both of the two major party candidates.

It is obvious the supporters of the major parties consider the Libertarians, and specifically Rebecca Sink-Burris, a respectable and viable candidate. Check out these links to see if you do, too.

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