Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Abdul Attacks Ogden

I'm just not sure what is going on with journalist, blogger, and former radio personality Abdul-Hakim Shabazz lately.  Abdul has always been a bit of a Republican fan boy, but he seems to be really over the top with it here lately.

Abdul just posted a quick blog that did little but attack fellow blogger Paul Ogden.  But why?

I would normally post a quick little blurb from the post I am referring to, but in this case Abdul's post is so small that I simply ask you to follow the link.

This attack seems so forced and out of the ordinary that it makes me ask why Abdul posted it.  What in the world is going on behind the scenes here?

Abdul and Ogden are both known to comment on this blog.  I hope they'll both submit their thoughts below.


  1. Ogden is running against Abdul's BFFs in the Marion County GOP.

    If any Libertarian had a realistic shot at beating a Republican in a central Indiana township, county, city, or state wide office, he'd happily burn any bridges with you guys to please his buddies.

  2. My point was that Ogden is running against the slated GOP judges.

    He's running against the party.

    Abdul is a frontman for his BFFs in the MC GOP.

    If, in the unlikely scenario in the general election, one of his BFFs had a chance of losing to a Libertarian, he would pull out all the whistles on the Libertarian and throw them into the mud.

  3. Everything Anon said is dead on. Abdul has worked himself into a situation where he has to keep doing what he's doing to keep the cupboards full.

  4. I just now looked at it. He's 0 for 3 on his assertions. For a media guy, it's interesting that he doesn't even bother to get facts correct.

    Anon 10:12 is exactly correct for what is motivating Abdul. Though I would correct him/her on one point. I am certainly not "running against the party." The party is not the county chairman and his buddies sitting around deciding who should be "slated." The party is that collective group of people who vote in the GOP primary declaring themselves to be a Republican.

  5. Anon is pretty close to the truth.

    While Mr. Shabazz is quick minded, handsome, articulate, and has access to many politicians, he has a personal political-financial agenda. I’ve observed that he changed following the closure of his WXNT radio gig. He has become spiteful.

  6. Abdul is the henchman for the Republican establishment.

    Case in point. Who did Abdul used to run around with all the time when he first started in radio?

    That would be Tom John (former Marion County GOP chair) and Carl Brizzi (former prosecutor). You also might recall that Brizzi was a close friend to Tim Durham, the crook indicted for stealing millions of life savings from the Amish upon the purchase Fair Finance.

    I have no doubt these people still meet behind closed doors and plan attacks on guys like Ogden who will stand up and be true servants to the public and expose corruption.

    Abdul does their dirty work. It would not surprise me a bit if Abdul was on a payroll for doing it.

  7. I think you are giving Abdul too much credit, HFT. Most people do not know who either party is, let alone what they blog about