Thursday, April 12, 2012

No State Fair Train This Year? Boooo!!!

The Indiana State Fair Train is a pretty neat concept.  Since 1983, riders could board a train in Noblesville and enjoy a stress-free trip to our great State Fair.  Avoid the city traffic, avoid the parking, avoid the walk, and provide a unique experience for kids and families to add to their memories.  Many families have made it a tradition to ride the train to the State Fair each year.

But maybe not this year.  For the first year since the concept was introduced, reports the Star, their may be no State Fair train to ride this year.  Not because of a lack of popularity, but because of gas lines.  The Hoosier Heritage Port Authority has indicated that they believe that Citizens Energy has improperly installed some gas lines inder tracks and has ordered no trains travel on a segment of track because of it.

From the Star article:
The Hoosier Heritage Port Authority has issued an order that trains no longer may travel on the tracks south of 62nd Street after learning that the lines installed last fall at 62nd Street and 56th Street by Citizens Energy Group may not have been properly done. 
Citizens Energy disputes the claim that the lines were improperly installed and say they have been working with the Port Authority -- which operates the tracks on behalf of the city of Noblesville, town of Fishers and Hamilton County.

It would be a shame if the State Fair Train were unable to run.  Admittedly, I have not ridden the train since I was a child and due to the location of my home and unlikely to in the near future.  Still, I remember riding the train as a kid and remember thinking it was one of the neatest things ever.  The conductor even let some kids blow the train's whistle.  I hope that more kids have the opportunity to create a memory like mine, and that this situation is resolved before this year's Indiana State Fair.

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  1. Bummer! We ride every year. I'll miss it and hope this gets resolved- fast.