Saturday, September 24, 2011

Morgan Freeman Plays the Race Card on Piers Morgan; Can We Please Stop Doing That?

Can we stop playing the race card?  Please?

I'm not saying that racism doesn't exist in America.  It absolutely does.  It is, however, much better than it was in my parents' and grandparents' generations.

Today there's a new thing fueling racism: claims of racism.  You see, many people today make claims that any opposition to any member of a minority on any topic must be fueled by racism.  I'm growing tired of it.

This phenomena is not new with the entrance of the Obama administration.  It is, though, amplified immensely by it.  So many people are out there making claims that any person who does not support Obama's agenda lack that support, obviously, because Obama is black. Give me a break.

Did everyone who disagreed with the agenda of every other president disagree because they can't stand white people?  Of course not.  People disagree with the agendas of political figures and political parties because they don't believe their ideas and programs work to better our nation in the best way possible.

Are there some people out there that hate Obama because he's a black president?  Sure there are.  But the vast, vast majority of people who don't like Obama don't like him because they do not care for the policies he has put in place, the policies he is advocating, the campaign promises he broke, the campaign promises he made, or any one of thousands of other political reasons.

Claiming racism at every turn makes people scared to publicly proceed on statements or ideas, for fear of being wrongly labeled a racist.  That causes people to keep their ideas to themselves or within a tight circle of trusted friends and peers.  And when fear of racism makes groups hide their true face from the public or people of another racial make-up it breeds, well....racism.

The race card hurts America.  Let's put it away.  Let's stop pretending every disagreement is racially motivated.  Things aren't perfect here in America, but crying "foul" every time someone makes a statement of disagreement only makes things worse.

Here's actor Morgan Freeman on Piers Morgan.  He adamantly states he believes the Tea Party wants Obama out of office because of racist reasons.  It doesn't make sense.

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  1. In the unlikely event that Herman Cain wins the GOP nomination, I wonder if Morgan Freeman and the Democrats will be a little skittish about attacking his policies.