Friday, September 16, 2011

Former Indiana Gubernatorial Candidate Andrew Horning Annouces Bid for U.S. Senate

Andrew Horning
Andrew Horning, the 2008 Libertarian Party Candidate for Indiana Governor, issued a press release today announcing his candidacy for United States Senate in 2012. Horning received 2.1% of the votes in his 2008 campaign.

His press release, as published by the Libertarian Party of Indiana:


Contact: Andrew Horning

Andrew Horning, Candidate for Indiana U.S.A. SenateConstitution Day, September 16, 2011

The Freedom Farm, Freedom, Indiana

We The People have exactly and only what We The People have chosen. It should now be apparent that We The People have chosen badly for a very long time.

We The People have nobody else to blame for the endless wars, rising debts, rising crime, dropping wealth and standard of living…we have chosen every injustice, every lawless law, every bit of our ungoverned government.

The good news is that we should no longer worry about the catastrophe that’s about to engulf us, because it’s now too late to stop it. More good news is that we’ll soon be free of the ease that clouded our perceptions and retarded our actions.

Even more good news is that it is never too late to decide how We The People are to create and maintain a society by which we can live together in relative peace, prosperity and safety.

Today, the Cassandra-like Libertarians must avoid the temptation to say “I told you so,” and instead keep on working for what’s true, and what works. Libertarians and other forward-thinking people should be on hand to rebuild what generations of bad choices and the entrenched abstractions of our so-called and unconstitutional “Two Party System” have destroyed: Law and Order, Liberty and Justice for All.

Today, Libertarians need not explain why they dare oppose the so-called “Two Party System.” Today, anybody who would vote for any Democratic or Republican Party candidate has, in the words of Desi Arnaz, “got some e’splainin’ to do!”

So today, in the interest of having the right people in the right places in the event that We The People decide that this is the right time to stop the madness, I am announcing my candidacy for the office of U.S.A. Senator for the State of Indiana.

The addition of Horning to the 2012 Indiana Senate race could very well prove an interesting one.  Several factors could weigh in to the race that could make Horning's candidacy a real game-changer. 

Rupert Boneham
First, the Libertarians are already growing their voter turnout during every election cycle. The potential addition of Rupert Boneham to the Indiana Governor's race as a Libertarian is bound to further increase Libertarian voter turnout across the state.

Second, there is a heated intra-party war going on within the GOP.  Long-time Republican U.S. Senator is facing, for the first time in his Senate career, a serious primary challenge by State Treasurer Richard Mourdock.  No matter who comes out as the victor in next May's GOP primary, they are likely to come out scathed by attacks and seriously depleted of money.

The Democrats have likely been eyeing the beating the Republican candidates are likely to unleash on each other as well. U.S Representative Joe Donnely has already thrown his hat in the ring for the Democratic nod, and will likely go unopposed into the primary. This will allow he and Horning to have the ability to fight strongly against the wounded Republicans, and give one of them strong potential to capture the long-held GOP seat.

Of course, being a Libertarian candidate for anything isn't an easy proposition.  Libertarians historically have a difficult time gathering voters at the polls.  They have started a surge in the last 2-3 years, though.  With the potential addition of Boneham's celebrity status and love from the the state's citizens, there is probably not a better year for an experienced candidate like Horning to take a shot at one of Indiana's biggest political prizes.


  1. Andy Horning is one of my top five favorite people alive today.

    People don't come with more honor than Andy.

  2. If Horning were more interested in organizing a movement than in posing for cameras and rewriting the constitution, he might be a useful force. The activities of LPers are futile and ludicrous. They show no understanding of what it takes to change history,.

  3. Horning's history is filled with times where he organized a movement. Doing so is how he formed the majority of his supporters and name recognition.