Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bosma Calls for Hinkle's Resignation, Hinkle Says He Won't Run Again

Phil Hinkle
Following the craigslist scandal that has gotten so much attention, even from the national late night talk show circuit (via Conan O'Brien), State Representative Phil Hinkle has announced he will not seek another term, says the Indy Star

 Many news sources in town are breaking the story the Speaker of the House Brian Bosma has called for Hinkle's resignation.  The Star is saying that a written Hinkle statement is giving the impression that Hinkle decided after last year's election, though, that he would not be running again.

From the Star:

-->>"As for 2012, we, as a family, decided back in December after the 2010 election, that I would not be seeking another term," Hinkle said in a written statement.

Speaker Bosma

Hinkle's announcement that he will serve out his term came as the Speaker of the Indiana House called this morning for him to step down.

"We have a lot of compassion for Phil and his family," Speaker Brian Bosma, R-Indianapolis, said. "But the right thing for him to do is to step down, and he needs to do it. It is absolutely the right thing for him and his family, and it's the right thing for the institution."

Bosma said Hinkle couldn't be removed from the House but that he would begin the process of removing Hinkle from committees he leads. Of Hinkle's decision to serve out his term, Bosma said: "I really don't know how he does that."<<--

Here's some other links to current coverage around the City.

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