Saturday, November 12, 2011

Indy Star Decides Rupert is not a Candidate Worth Mentioning

Rupert Boneham
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The Indy Star's Mary Beth Schneider had an article in today's paper about a candidate for Indiana Governor.  It started of with a lengthy discussion about how this candidate refused to shave his trademark facial hair despite pressure to do so.

There was even a quote from the gubernatorial candidate defending his position, as Schneider puts it, as not just a personal, but a political statement.

"If I shave this off," (he) said, "people would say, 'What else is he going to change to be governor?' I'm not changing anything to be governor. I am what I am."

If I didn't know better, I'd swear this article was about Rupert Boneham.  It's not, though.  The article is about Democratic candidate John Gregg, who has decided to embrace his mustache as a trademark of his campaign, even including it in his new campaign logo.

In fact, the article conspicuously fails to mention that Rupert Boneham is even a candidate in the Indiana Governor's race.

Gregg's Campaign Logo
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Mike Pence?  Check.  Jim Wallace? Check.  John Gregg?  Obviously, check.  Schenider even mentions Gregg's primary "competition," J. Robert Casko, who, according to the article, has only raised $206.

But Schneider fails to include Rupert's name in any way as a candidate for 2012 Governor.  Boneham's absence from the article is especially notable since Schneider spends a significant portion of her article discussing Gregg's unwillingness to get rid of his facial hair.  Boneham - whose candidacy has brought national and international news stories - also has trademark facial hair that he has stated he will not get rid of.
Both candidates have obviously received pressure to do so.

In most races, I don't get to wrapped up in the fact that Libertarian candidates get ignored in media articles.  Often, the Libertarian candidates are poorly funded and do little campaigning. When a Libertarian candidate steps outside of that typical circle, though, they are just as worthy of coverage as any other candidate.

This is especially the case with Rupert Boneham.  He is on the path to running a well-funded, high-profile campaign.  For the Star to already begin heading down the path of failing to mention him goes beyond normal oversight of a Libertarian.  It is simply poor and sloppy journalism.


  1. "It is simply poor and sloppy journalism." and will be remembered by the campaign staff.

  2. Why should the Indystar be the one to decide whether Rupert is a worthy candidate for governor? It should not be their decision, it should be the peoples decision therefore, the Indystar should write articles about him,his campaign, and what he stands for and let the people decide!!!

  3. There is a reason I cancelled my star subscription years ago. I can get much better coverage for free.

  4. Who cares about the Indy's a small time rag anyway, as is this (what's his name?) reporter. Bless you Rupert for all the good you have done for so many people. We love and respect you!

  5. RFG! INDYSTAR: 'IS' a legitimate Candidate For Governor of INDIANA. Please; invite Rupert and his views.

  6. Mary Beth knows a joke when she sees one. This made for reality tv stunt is obvious

  7. I don't think the Indy Star is worth buying.

    Ruth Holladay reported recently that there was an order from Gannett to endorse Kennedy over Ballard, so they are not even a local paper anymore.

    The Indy Star becomes more irrelevant every day.

  8. Why is Boneham a candidate worth mentioning? Has he articulated a set of beliefs? Has a history of speaking out on issues? Simple being a member of the Libertarian Party is insufficient reason to expect attention.