Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Coleman Goes Prime-Time

City-Councillor Ed Coleman, seeking re-election in the Southside's 24th District, has released a couple of commercials.  If you live on that side of town, you may have already noticed it hitting the airwaves, most notably during the last couple of Colts games.

Coleman is possibly the best-funded individual District Council candidate in Indianapolis' history.  His going to TV, especially in high-viewership prime-time spots, is a uncommon thing to see out of local district candidates.  It is especially unusual for a Libertarian, and is yet another indication that the Libertarians are becoming a real force in Marion County politics.

Coleman may not be an unfamiliar face to those on the south side.  Ed has been out in his neighborhoods knocking on doors and meeting constituents in the district for several months.

Here's Ed's full-length commercial, and the 30-second ad you may have already seen.

Indianapolis City-County Councilor, Ed Coleman from Ed Coleman on Vimeo.

Ed Coleman 30sec Spot from Englehart Group on Vimeo.

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  1. You guys are doing really great things with this campaign. Hopefully voting habits can be changed to the extent they need to be changed for Ed to win.